What You Need To Know When Placing A Rush Order

While Enviro-Tote’s lead time for custom printed tote bags in highly competitive with other manufacturers, we understand that there are sometimes events that pop up. Which does not give you much time to plan ahead for! That is why we have several options available to provide you with high-quality canvas promotional tote bags for your […]

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Looking For Blank Canvas Tote Bags? We’ve Got You Covered!

Reusable canvas tote bags are becoming the mainstay in replacing the amount of paper and plastic bags being utilized across the United States. In recent years, eight states have banned single-use plastic bags – California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. With these regulatory changes going into effect in various locations across […]

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Washing Tote Bags? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Our tote bags are put through a lot. Whether you take yours from work or school, to getting groceries or running errands to a night out with friends. It is important that we are washing tote bags after regular use to avoid unwanted germs. Even if your totes are not used every day, washing them helps […]

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Why Everyone Loves Canvas Tote Bags

You see tote bags everywhere you go, from grocery stores to the mall! Canvas tote bags are known for their durability and style. They are popular among men, women, and children alike. And the sturdier they are, the better. As a society that is always moving from one place to the next, we do not […]

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Who knew there were so many different uses for a reusable bag? Whether you're shopping at the local farmer's market or heading to the office, reusable totes are a great alternative to using plastic bags. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use your reusable tote bags!

The Many Uses of a Reusable Tote Bag

There are a lot of uses for a reusable tote bag! From grocery shopping to carrying your books, reusable bags make carrying around items easier than ever. Whichever style or size of bag you choose, you will find plenty of ways to utilize it! As many are making the switch to reusable bags, a common […]

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We know your tote bag is a trusty companion, but sometimes you just need something for bulk items. We suggest rounding out your collection with some of these great reusable shopping tote bags that are made for carrying heavy items!

Our Favorite Shopping Tote Bags for Bulk Things

When we are headed to shop, a reusable tote bag is one of the most convenient things we can carry. They are durable, stylish and they adequately carry heavy items — with no worry that they will rip or break! But when heading from the car to the store, sometimes you want to minimize the […]

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Our Feature Friday for May 2022 highlights USA based businesses and the tote bags that Enviro-Tote® has created for them! Read more to support their causes!

Feature Friday for May 2022

#EnviroTotesWeLove We have officially reached May, and already it is proving to be a busy month!. There have been a lot of shipments that have gone over the past couple of weeks, and we hope you are loving your Enviro-Tote products! We are excited for the Feature Friday for May 2022. Thank you for tagging […]

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