From Shelves to Book Totes: Bookstore and Library Bag Essentials

Whether you’re a student preparing for college, a book enthusiast exploring the stacks, or a bookstore or retailer looking for new promotional products, dependable book totes are sure to be a trusted companion. Embrace both style and functionality with Enviro-Tote’s selection of versatile book bags, designed to carry your essentials with grace and ease. From campus to the office and every page in between, these bags have you covered!

Everyday Tote Bag

Tote bags with logo

These medium-sized totes, prized by book lovers, are more than just versatile giveaways for literary events; they’re also the perfect school bags and a top choice for corporate promotions. This versatile tote effortlessly accommodates a binder, notebook, water bottle, and a host of other small essentials. Whether you’re off to class or the library for a productive study session, this dependable tote is your reliable partner no matter where your day takes you.

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Shoulder Tote Bag

Custom canvas tote bags

The Shoulder Tote, a beloved canvas tote bag and a cherished favorite of bookstores and libraries alike! This versatile tote boasts a generous imprint area, making it the prime canvas for showcasing your brand or design in the heart of literary spaces. Preferred by booksellers, retailers, and event planners who appreciate its enduring quality, this premium tote stands as a symbol of timeless durability. Explore an extensive range of stock canvas materials and an array of color options to complement your creative vision and branding aspirations within the world of literature and beyond.

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Flat Tote Bag

The Flat Tote is a contemporary and sleek tote bag that transforms into a walking canvas for your brand, making it the perfect choice for bookstores, libraries, conferences, and events. This medium-sized tote boasts a streamlined design, making it ideal for carrying a stack of vinyl records (12″), notebooks, papers, tablets, and, of course, books. Whether you’re promoting literary treasures, organizing a library event, or adding style to your bookstore, this tote is your trusted companion to showcase your brand with flair and practicality. If you are looking for a bit of a larger option, be sure to check out our Extra Large Flat Tote.

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Medium Tote Bag

Our Medium Tote is the quintessential tote bag beloved by grade schools, non-profit organizations, and retailers alike. This medium-sized gem is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a three-ring binder, making it the ideal choice for literary-themed events or library giveaways, that captures the magic of books. Whether you’re planning a literary event or seeking high-quality custom book totes for clients who share your passion for reading, the Medium Tote is your canvas for creativity within the realm of bookstores and libraries.

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Jumbo Tote Bag

When it comes to bookstores and libraries, our Jumbo Tote reigns supreme as the ultimate spacious companion you’ve been searching for. Whether you require an ample shopping bag for book hauls, an oversized beach bag for some literary leisure, or an impressive retail item to grace the shelves, our Jumbo Totes are your answer. These roomy totes, a step up from our beloved Shoulder Tote style, are the canvas of choice for large logos and striking, off-centered prints, making them an ideal choice for bibliophiles and literary enthusiasts.

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Have questions about any of the Enviro-Tote® book totes or need assistance getting started on the design process? Reach out to our team of knowledgeable Sales Representatives. We would be happy to assist with any questions and help find the right product for you!