Art Specifications

Designing Your Artwork

Custom Tote Bag Printing Specs

We offer screen printing, heat transfers, and direct to garment printing to get the best results for your artwork!

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most popular option and is great for vector artwork.

Heat Transfers

Heat Transfers are used for images that were created in pixels and can’t easily be color separated. Best option for highly-detailed, multi-color images!

Direct to Garment

This is where the ink prints directly on the canvas using CYMK printers.

Canvas is a coarse material! To ensure the print quality is as clear as possible, several things must be considered when designing your art:

Line Weight

Must be no less than 1.5 pts thick. When printing on 15 oz, use a minimum of a 2 pts thickness. When printing knockouts on 15 oz, allow for at least 3 pts.


For the best quality, halftones may be printed as an additional screen. Please consult the art department for the potential use of halftones. 


Regular screen printing sizes can go up to 15″ x 16″ or a jumbo print of 16″ x 19″. A small heat transfer is 5″ x 8″, a medium is 10.5″ x 8″, and a large is 10.5″ x 16.5″.

Color Matching

Screen Print

We use the Pantone Color Matching System when choosing colors for screen printing. All inks will print Coated, however, we can color match to an Uncoated color. Ask about our special inks and foils!

Heat Transfers

Please send a hardcopy for color matching or we can match to Pantone colors. If no hardcopy is provided, we will match to the digital proof.

Accepted File Formats

Screen Print Files

We require vector artwork as an .ai, .eps, or .pdf file. These file formats are usually created in Adobe Illustrator. All font must be expanded or the font file must be provided to avoid substitution. Occasionally, we can accept .bmp, .psd, or .tif files. Contact us for information on additional file formats.

Heat Transfers

For heat transfers or DTG printing, a .jpg or .psd file is recommended. The optimal resolution is at least 300 dpi at print size.

Recommended Imprint Sizes

Tiny Tote9″w x 7″h x 3″g7″w x 4″h
Mini Tote10″w x 12″h x 3″g6″w x 8″h
Medium Tote14″w x 12″h x 3″g10″w x 8″h
Flat Tote13″w x 14″h11″w x 10″h
Everyday Tote13″w x 14″h x 3″g10″w x 10″h
Shoulder Tote18″w x 14.5″h x 3″g14″w x 11″h
Jumbo Tote Bag19″w x 16″h x 4″g15″w x 12″h
Large Zipper Pouch9″w x 6″h7″W x 4″h
Market Tote18″w x 13″h x 6″g12″w x 10″h
Med Grocery Bag18″w x 15″h x 7″g12″w x 11″h
Large Grocery Bag18″w x 17.5″h x 7″g12″w x 12″h
Small Drawtop Backpack10″w x 16″h9″w x 8″h
Economist Tote13″w x 15″h x 3″g10″w x 10″h
Small ThreePanel Bag11″w x 13″h x 4″g8.5″w x 10″h
Large Three-Panel Bag14″w x 15″h x 6.5″g10″w x 11″h
Mini Two-Tone Tote9″w x 7″h x 3″g7″w x 4″h
Small Two-Tone Tote15″w x 12″h x 4″g11″w x 6.5″h
Medium Two-Tone Tote17″w x 14″h x 4″g13″w x 7.5″h
Large Two-Tone Tote20″w x 16″h x 4″g15″w x 9.5″h
Mini Boat Bag9″w x 7″h x 3″g3″w x 4″h
Sm Boat Bag15″w x 12″h x 4″g5.5″w x 6.5″h
with pocketpocket 9.25″h5.5″w x 5.5″h
Med Boat Bag17″w x 14″h x 4″g6″w x 7.5″h
with pocketpocket 9.25″h6″w x 6″h
Lg Boat Bag20″w x 16″h x 4″g7″w x 9.5″h
with pocketpocket 13.25″h7″w x 8″h
Six Bottle Wine Bag14.5″w x 10″h x 6″g8″w x 7.5″h
Four Bottle Wine Bag11″w x 12″h x 6″g5″w x 8″h
Two Bottle Wine Bag9″w x 12″h x 3″g5″w x 8″h
Single Bottle Wine Bag5.5″w x 12″h x 3″g2.5″w x 8″h