HEAT TRANSFER 101: Frequently Asked Questions

We love printing beautiful images on our USA handmade totes. When customers send us artwork, we make it our personal mission to find the best printing method for the image! Many customers are unfamiliar with Heat Transfers and their benefits, so below are some of the more common questions we get about this versatile method […]

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What a Tote Bag Can Do For Your Company

Don’t you love it when people say “Hey, that’s a great bag!”? An image is worth 1000 words, so why not put it on an Enviro-tote! Here are some reasons why choosing a tote as a promotional product can give your brand more personality:

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You CAN Have the Tote of Your Dreams!

Since every tote we make at Enviro-tote is hand-crafted to order, you have many options when it comes to creating your ideal bag! Sizes and materials aside, here are some little-known ways to design your tote until every last detail is perfect:

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