Celebrate Earth Day With Our Recycled Tote Bag Materials!

Discover eco-friendly tote bags made from sustainable materials at Enviro-Tote's e-cycling line. Choose from organic cotton, recycled cotton, and Bottle Bag™ material, crafted entirely from recycled PET plastic bottles. Celebrate Earth Day with us and explore our unique fabrics today!

There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day than with reusable totes made from eco-friendly materials! At Enviro-Tote, we offer a range of sustainable options for our e-cycling line of tote bags, including organic cotton, recycled cotton, and our exclusive Bottle Bag™ material, which is crafted entirely from PET plastic bottles. Read on to learn more about our distinctive fabrics!

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100% Recycled PET (Bottle Bag™)

The fabric used to make our Bottle Bag™ is derived entirely from recycled PET, sourced from the plastic bottles we recycle every day! This eco-friendly material provides a host of benefits, including comfort, durability, softness, and an attractive appearance. By using Bottle Bag™ fabric, you can help keep waste out of landfills and contribute to a healthier planet. Additionally, the material is entirely made in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting domestic manufacturing. Don’t forget to ask for Bottle Bag™ fabric by name! It’s available in both black and white.

Organic Cotton

In an effort to promote a healthier planet and decrease the production of cotton bags treated with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, we exclusively source our cotton from Texas farms where it is 100% certified organic. Our organic cotton is cultivated using methods such as crop rotation, crop residues, animal manures, compost, nitrogen-fixing legume crops, mechanical cultivation, and botanical or biological controls that minimize negative effects on both health and the environment. While our organic cotton is only available in Natural color, other colors may be obtainable upon request.

Recycled Cotton/PET Blend

Crafted from 65% cotton yarn derived from excess fabric from newly produced clothing and 35% Bottle Bag™ material, our fabric is a blend of sustainable materials that are gentle on the environment. The recycled cotton component is reclaimed from cotton that would typically go to waste during the spinning, weaving, and cutting processes, reducing land, energy, and water usage, while also diverting waste from landfills. Our recycled cotton is exclusively available in the Natural color fabric.

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