Is your Artwork Print-Ready for Cotton Canvas?

Printing on canvas is much different than printing on t-shirts or other materials. It is very coarse! To ensure your design will print as clearly as possible, follow these simple requirements when designing or submitting your art:


  • 100% of the design must be in vector format saved as an .ai, .eps, or .pdf.a.     See below for Heat Transfer Instructions
  • Lines AND fonts need to be thicker than 1.5pts on 10oz material and thicker than 2pts on 15oz material.
  • All negative space needs to be at least 2pts on 10oz material and 3pts for 15oz material.
  • All fonts must be outlined and sized at least 15pts.
  • Each color must have a Pantone Solid Coated Plus Series number assigned to it in the file, or have a Pantone number to provide us.
  • Placement and size should be provided prior to the art proof.


  • Image resolution must be at least 300 DPI.
  • Image must be at the size you wish to print at.
  • Pantone numbers or hard copies are preferred for improved color matching.

Any questions in regards to art can be sent to customer service or your sales rep! We know what to look for when it comes to print-ready art and can recommend changes to bring your art to-spec.


Meagan Shackelford, Customer Service

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