Wedding Tote Bags are Hot – Here’s Why Brides Love Them

wedding tote bags

It is no secret that wedding guests love a free gift. Most attend at least a few weddings each year, so the more memorable and ‘different’, the better! Tote bags are one of the hottest new trends for wedding guest appreciation gifts. What makes these bags so popular? They’re practical! Following your special event, guests can use them for many years to come to hold everything from groceries to pool towels and anything in between.

Wedding Tote Bags

Let the memory of your special day live forever with any one of these five wedding tote bags that would be perfect as a Welcome Gift:


Mini Tote

The Mini Tote is a small, lightweight tote bag perfect for wedding favors, and is stylish for everyday use. Mini but mighty, these totes are large enough to hold a nice welcome note, water bottle, candies or snacks, and other small favors.


Flat Tote

A wedding favor that is stylish and long lasting? That’s what the Flat Tote can bring to a wedding party! These easy to carry tote bags allow guests to carry all their items. Big enough for everyone to fit everything they need into one bag.

Custom wine bags - 2 bottle reusable cotton canvas

2-Bottle Wine Tote

It isn’t always easy to find a tote that can carry wine, or any of your favorite beverages for that matter. But the 2-bottle wine totes at Wedding Tote Bags are sure to make a statement at any wedding. These wine totes come in a variety of styles, colors, and pocket configurations. Perfect for a Vineyard venue!


Small Boat Bag

Classic styling that looks great, no matter what the venue – whether an outdoor beach wedding or a refined, elegant hotel ballroom. Brides who love the Small Boat Bag love it for its versatility and surprisingly generous capacity. Fitting snacks, drinks, candles, candies, and your guests will love carrying them!


Travel Zipper Pouch

Zipper pouches are a great item to use as wedding favors and welcome bags because they can be utilized in such a wide assortment of ways. Consider customizing the pouch to give it that personalized touch. And of course, fill each pouch with some essential goodies. They will be sure to love this one!

These are just a handful of tote bag styles that you can choose from! There are many others that would look amazing for your wedding or event. If you would like assistance choosing the wedding tote bags that will work best for your special occasion, contact us. We are happy to assist you with each step in the design process!

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