Feature Friday for May 2022

Our Feature Friday for May 2022 highlights USA based businesses and the tote bags that Enviro-Tote® has created for them! Read more to support their causes!


We have officially reached May, and already it is proving to be a busy month!. There have been a lot of shipments that have gone over the past couple of weeks, and we hope you are loving your Enviro-Tote products! We are excited for the Feature Friday for May 2022. Thank you for tagging us in your photos. We love to see how you are using your totes!

Feature Friday for May 2022

Rooted Living – At the age of 19, Rachel, the founder of Rooted Living knew that she wanted to be able to “snack with an impact”. And through this vision created a brand that features compostable packaging and snacks that are free of any refined ingredients, allowing you to shop, snack, and support your values.

Image courtesy of Rooted Living. Find them on Instagram.

Quimby’s Bookstore – An independently owned bookstore that sells independently published and small press books, comics, magazines, and collectible memorabilia. Quimby’s is known for featuring the unusual, the aberrant, the saucy, and the lowbrow items that you may not find at other bookstores.

Image courtesy of Quimby Bookstore. Find them on Instagram.

Atlas Branding – A creative studio based out of North Carolina that specializes in working with customers to find natural, innovative design solutions. Their goal is to bring clarity, character and distinction to your brand experience, packaging and website design.

Image courtesy of Atlas Branding. Find them on Instagram. Designed for Pulp + Sprout.

Shacksbury – A cidery located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. The Shacksbury Team thrives on nature, making complex ciders that are always pushing forward, while never straying far from that natural beauty that their home state is known for.

Image courtesy of Shacksbury. Find them on Instagram.

Gift at the Gardener – Situated within the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Gift at the Gardner seeks to partner with small batch makers from all over the world to offer unique items that will be pleasant reminders of the Gardner’s marvelous museum.

Image courtesy of Gift of the Gardner. Find them on Instagram.

Every month Enviro-Tote® will continue to highlight five different customers during our Feature Friday. Be sure to tag us in your photos on social media of your tote bags out and about! Use the hashtag #EnviroTotesWeLove to be included in our Feature Friday Series.

Happy Friday!

-Your Friends at Enviro-Tote®

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