You CAN Have the Tote of Your Dreams!

Since every tote we make at Enviro-tote is hand-crafted to order, you have many options when it comes to creating your ideal bag! Sizes and materials aside, here are some little-known ways to design your tote until every last detail is perfect:

Cut-off Gusset

Our standard gussets have folds that turn up the bottom corners like an “envelope”.  There is virtually no waste with this type of gusset.  But, if you prefer, we can do what is called a “Cut-off Gusset” which cuts off these corners, making them look like an upside down “T”.   Adds $.15 per bag.

Cotton-webbing underneath Handsewn Handles

This option is perfect for dressing up a Boat Bag! We sew 1.5” natural cotton webbing underneath our Handsewn Handles constructed from the material of your choice to create a stylish, wider and two-toned handle option that will certainly stand out! Adds $1.65 per bag on Boat Bags.

Private Labelling

Retailers, rejoice! Your company can supply us with your own custom label which can be sewn either inside or outside the bag. Would rather have hang tags? We can do that too! All labels must be approved by production before sewing for sizing, location, etc. From $0.05 or more, depending on size and placement.

Direct To Garment

Do you have fine details in your image? This unique option works in the same way a printer prints on paper, as it dyes each of the fibers on contact using a CYMK printer. You get more color options and more detailed prints than traditional screen print. Pricing may vary

Metallic Inks / Gold Foil

We’ve got glitz and glamour with our inks and foils! Choose from silver and gold, glitter inks, pastels, foils, and highlighter colors to make a flashy impression! Pricing may vary

These options are currently unavailable online, but can be added to your bags by speaking with one of our sales reps! Let our bags be your blank canvas to accentuate your brand’s true image.


Meagan Shackelford, Customer Service

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