What’s Old Is New Again!

Gramercy Typewriter was established over nine decades ago within a small shop in Manhattan. From the 1950s through the 1980s, you could find a typewriter on nearly every desk in New York City. And although computers became the way of the future in the 1990s, typewriter sales over the last decade have increased dramatically. 

This increase in sales can be credited in part to millennials and the typewriters’ nostalgia factor. Who doesn’t want to be transported back to a quieter and simpler time before the computer? Especially as we pass this love down to our children. There is something so rhythmic (and soothing) about how our words flow when we are using a typewriter. Perhaps that is why you can now even find typewriter style keyboards for computers!


Gramercy Typewriter Co.


New York City


Vintage typewriter sales, service, and repairs

Years in Business

89 Years

Company Website 


About Gramercy Typewriter Co.

Gramercy Typewriter Co. has been serving New York City since 1932, specializing in typewriter sales, repairs, and maintenance. At their store in Chelsea, you can find the finest selection of fully reconditioned vintage typewriters for sale.

Purpose of Purchase

Gramercy Typewriter purchased tote bags because they offer various products that fit nicely within the totes, and customers had been inquiring about whether they carried them.

Tote Bag Details

Jumbo Tote in 15oz Natural Cotton with a Heat Transfer Print

What’s Old is New

Here is a fun fact you may not know about Gramercy Typewriter Co. Did you know that all of their accounting and customer records are not stored on a computer? Instead, they are recorded by typewriter on index cards. And they have no intention of changing this process anytime in the near future. Sure, there may be an iPad or two kicking around the store. But paper records were how it was done in 1932 and how Gramercy’s records will continue to be kept going forward.

In the inaugural State of Digital Document Transformation survey performed by Conga, it was revealed that 14% of those who responded still use typewriters. In a world where digitization of almost all processes has taken over, we have to say we love seeing the typewriter still so widely utilized. It takes us back to a simpler time in our lives, reflecting on many great memories from the past!

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