What Is Your Favorite Tote Bag?

A high-quality reusable tote bag is one of the more versatile items that a person can own. You may find yourself one day using your tote to carry your laptop and books to class, and the next you are using that same tote to bring your groceries home from your local market. So, what is your favorite tote bag for everyday use? 

Today we are covering some of our best sellers. The list of tote bags we have put together below are what our customers are ordering most frequently. This is mainly due to the all-around usability of these bags. Whether you are using your tote for work, school, fun in the sun, or everyday use, we have got you covered!

Shoulder Tote Bag

The Shoulder Tote Bag is more than likely what comes to mind when you envision a tote bag. This is a long-standing Enviro-Tote customer favorite and is the perfect all-purpose tote! The size of the bag gives you a large area to display your brand. Our shoulder tote bag can be used for school, work, farmer’s markets, and general everyday use.

Custom printed reusable canvas grocery totes

Everyday Tote Bag

Enviro-Tote’s Everyday Tote Bag – formerly known as The Value Tote – is just the right size for everyday use! This versatile bag can be used every day for whatever you need. Our everyday tote is completely customizable from the material, to the color of the bag, to the length of the handle. This allows you the opportunity to make the design fully reflect your brand!

Trade show tote bags

Market Tote Bag

Of the three grocery bags that Enviro-Tote produces, the Market Tote Bag is a clear bestseller. Although it is the smaller of the three stylish grocery bags we offer, it can comfortably carry a 6-pack and a 2-liter of soda or all your weekly produce. This tote is the perfect option for farmer’s markets or food co-ops.

Medium Boat Bag

If you are looking for a go-to stylish and sturdy bag, then the Medium Boat Bag is the perfect tote for you! Enviro-Tote’s canvas boat bags feature a heavyweight construction and that quality you expect from a Made in America product. With its hand-sewn handles and custom fabric colors, you can flaunt your designs with long-lasting and dependable style. Plus, how could you resist the option to add a front pocket or closure to your bag?

Large Zipper Pouch

Enviro-Tote’s Large Zipper Pouch, otherwise known as the Buddy Bag, is a great addition to your tote bag collection! Use this to hold your smaller things, such as makeup, school supplies, pens/pencils, and so much more! This product is a fan-favorite and for great reason. The style allows us to place your designs seam-to-seam on the zipper pouch and by adding a handle it can double as a clutch. This pouch makes a great giveaway item!

The bags listed above are just a few of our customer’s favorite everyday totes! Are you still unsure which tote bag style makes the most sense for you? Get in touch with our Sales Representatives. We would be happy to help match you to the a tote bag that is sure to be your favorite for years to come!

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