What a Tote Bag Can Do For Your Company

Don’t you love it when people say “Hey, that’s a great bag!”? An image is worth 1000 words, so why not put it on an Enviro-tote! Here are some reasons why choosing a tote as a promotional product can give your brand more personality:

1. It’s Advertising on the Go | According to a study done by ASI Central, 31% of US consumers own a promotional tote bag and generate on average 5,983 more impressions than other promotional items. Your branded tote is going to go with them to the store, to the beach, to the show, and to just about anywhere and everywhere!

2. Cost-Effective and Environmentally-Friendly | Many cities and towns are banning plastic bags, so great shopping totes are already in demand. Items that are environmentally-friendly can sometimes be costly, but investing in a high-quality (yes, we triple-stitch our handles!) reusable canvas tote bag is not!

3. They are the Perfect Item for Any Occasion | Totes are not industry-specific so you can design and customize them to your needs! Our customers order totes for many different occasions, including but not limited to: store openings, gifts with purchases, farmers market shopping bags, weddings and corporate events, fundraising, retail, etc.

We can help you reach more people with an awesome branded tote bag of your own. Let’s get your name out there!

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