The Many Uses of a Reusable Tote Bag

Who knew there were so many different uses for a reusable bag? Whether you're shopping at the local farmer's market or heading to the office, reusable totes are a great alternative to using plastic bags. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use your reusable tote bags!

There are a lot of uses for a reusable tote bag! From grocery shopping to carrying your books, reusable bags make carrying around items easier than ever. Whichever style or size of bag you choose, you will find plenty of ways to utilize it! As many are making the switch to reusable bags, a common question that we get at Enviro-Tote is what is a tote bag used for?

Promotional exhibition tote bags

Promotion & Advertising

Personalized reusable tote bags make an excellent promotional item for your business! Add your logo or a custom design/message to your tote bags for a uniquely branded marketing item. Promotional tote bags are great to have with you at trade shows or for marketing purposes. Or offer the tote bags for sale in your retail and grocery stores for customers. Whichever way you decide to utilize your tote bags for promotions and advertising, they are sure to be a hit!

Printed tote bags for events

Work & School

Tote bags are the perfect accessory for carrying all your stuff to and from work or school. Whether you are headed to the workplace or your college campus, you can easily fit your computer, notebooks, books, and wallet in your bag. Since these items tend to be a little heavier, our handles are triple-stitched on our larger tote bags for extra security.

Grocery & Retail

What is your least favorite part about a day of shopping? For me, it is the overabundance of plastic bags that I feel guilty just throwing away, so I store them all inside of each other in my pantry. Almost all of us do this, don’t we? Reusable tote bags, specifically the heavy-duty ones, were designed to fit a larger quantity of goods. To be honest, a good quality tote holds more than you will probably ever want to carry in one bag. This means less trips back and forth from the car, and also less single-use plastic bags taking up real estate in your pantry or under your sink.  That sounds like a win-win on all accounts!

Custom reusable shopping bags with logo

Library & Bookstore

What is better than a good book? How about a tote bag to carry your books in? A tote bag makes a great addition on any trip you take to your local library or bookstore. Pack the books you are planning to exchange in your tote, along with the current book you are reading. On your way back home, you now have your current reading material that you can dive into on the subway, bus, car, or taxi.

Travel & Gym

We are always on the go. A tote bag is perfect for various travel needs. Heading out for a quick getaway? Pack your tote bag with a weekend’s worth of outfits, your makeup bag, and a pair of shoes. Now you are ready to go! Maybe you need to catch a plane out of town for a work conference or just a fun holiday destination? Use your tote bag to store all your essentials for the flight, including your laptop or tablet, wallet, book, and any other necessities. Plus, once you get to your location your tote bag can be used all-day while you are on the move, storing any purchases, documents, snacks, drinks, notebooks, and more.

A tote bag is the perfect size to fit all your workout gear as you head to the gym. There is plenty of room to carry a towel, change of clothes, toiletries, your sneakers, and drink. Be sure you do not forget your headphones! An added benefit to using a tote bag at the gym, that post-workout mustiness does not get trapped behind a zipper.

A reusable tote bag will last you for many years if well taken care of. Especially if you choose a higher quality tote. Dress your bag up with a fun design or logo or go with a blank canvas material. Either way you are bound to get plenty of compliments on your bag! And who says that you must only get a tote bag for yourself? As many states across the country implement plastic bag bans or restrictions on single-use plastic bags, a tote bag makes a great gift for any occasion!

Need assistance picking the perfect reusable tote bag style for your promotional needs? Our knowledgeable team would be happy to answer your questions and help match you to the right product that meets your needs! Connect with our Sales Representatives today!