The Best Tote Bags for On The Go

Reusable canvas tote bags are exceptionally durable products. Canvas itself is a woven fabric used to make items such as handbags, shoes, sails, tents, and much more. Enviro-Tote offers cotton canvas materials that are woven and dyed specially for us.


Choosing Your Tote Bag

The first step is to choose the best tote bag for you. What will you mainly be using your bag for? With a variety of styles, sizes, and color options available, the possibilities for what you use your tote bag for are endless. Enviro-Tote’s reusable tote bags are great for using as a shopping bag, diaper bag, laptop bag, school/book bag, knitting or craft bag, beach bag, and so much more!

Below we have highlighted just a few of the available Enviro-Tote products to give you an idea of the options offered, along with their functionality. With many alternatives to choose from, you can create a quality tote that represents your company in style!


School & Book Bags

Here is a quick little history lesson/fun fact on Enviro-Tote! Thirty years ago, our company was established to replace the amount of paper or plastic bags being used in college bookstores. And such began the production of our durable and environmentally friendly tote bags. Colleges, universities, and libraries throughout the United States love to custom design their own Enviro-Tote’s Everyday Tote Bag as it gives their students and community a durable way to carry around those heavy books from the bookstore!

Messenger bags are great for students or professors who are always on the move! Our American made messenger bag features a large compartment to hold a laptop, binders, books, and other miscellaneous items. A bonus – you will appreciate these high-quality bags even more with your brand displayed on the side!


Shopping & Market Tote Bags

When it comes to choosing the perfect grocery tote bag, we have got you covered! With a large and medium grocery bag, as well as a market tote, our Grocery Bags are an excellent choice for branding Farmer’s Markets, Food Co-ops, Food/Retail Stores, and more. These Enviro-Tote bags are designed with a wide bottom gusset and are made to hold more weight than you would want to carry!


Beach & Boat Totes 

You cannot go wrong packing a tote bag to head out to the beach or to spend a day on the boat. Enviro-Tote offers five sizes of Boat Bags with beautifully hand-sewn handles and a variety of color options.

What makes these a good beach or boating tote bag? It has a lot to do with the material itself. With how the cotton canvas is tightly woven, it gives less of an opportunity for staining. And if any pesky dirt does happen to leave a mark on your bag, you can spot wash the area with a washcloth and some soap. The durability of the fabric is also a huge take away. I don’t know about you, but when I’m packing for the beach or a day on the lake, there’s usually a change of clothes or shoes, one (or multiple) water bottles, sunscreen, a towel, and more all packed into that bag. All those items get heavy! Knowing that that stitching from the handle or the bag itself is not going to rip off due to the weight is a huge takeaway. You can pack that tote bag to your hearts content!


Travel Tote Bags

The type of bag you prefer when travelling can entirely depend upon what and how you are packing. Alongside your suitcase, our large tote bags are great for carrying on your laptop or tablet, phone, book, wallet, and more. Looking for something a little smaller that is top closing? Go with the Drawtop Backpack. Pair either of these with the Enviro-Tote Zipper Pouch for your passport and any other miscellaneous items, and you will not have to worry about your stuff rolling under the seat in front of or behind you at the first sign of turbulence. If you have employees who are regularly flying, what better way to promote your company on the move?


Still unsure about which item is best for you? Or have questions on the design process? Contact one of our Sales Representatives to see how we can assist you with creating your custom tote bags!

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