The Best Materials for Promotional Tote Bags

What makes a great tote bag? The sturdiness and style are likely the first two answers that pop into your head. The quality, or sturdiness, of the bag ultimately boils down to the material that you choose. And of course, how it is stitched plays a huge role as well. When it comes to style, the print is one of the first things people see. A good printing job is a must if the tote bags are being distributed for marketing purposes. The art needs to be appealing enough for people to carry it around all the time. Today we have highlighted some of the, in our opinion, best materials for promotional tote bags.

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is a tightly woven material that is created using a basic textile weave. The fibers used to weave canvas are usually thick, making it a great material for tote bags. Canvas comes in a variety of weights. You can choose a very light-weight canvas (5 or 7 oz.), a medium-weight canvas (10 or 12 oz.), or a heavy-weight canvas (15 or 18 oz.). Choose a medium or heavy-weight material if your tote bags will be used to carry heavier items such as groceries or books. The weight of the canvas doesn’t necessarily predict how much weight it will carry. That is the role of stitch quality! The material weight is only a perceived value. Much like the look, pick a weight that suits your budget and the look of your branding that you are trying to portray.


Woven polypropylene is frequently used for promotional tote bags. It is made from recycled plastic, which helps in reducing landfill waste. This material is water resistant, antibacterial, and reusable. Attach a rope handle or pockets to give this type of tote bag a more stylish look. An added bonus; much like the materials we have listed above it is also great for screen printing.

This list features just a few of the best materials for promotional tote bags that are available. Keep in mind that each bag material tends to serve a specific purpose. Choosing your material should be based around the marketing look that you want to achieve and what the end user is going to utilize the tote bag for. We would love for you to share some of your favorite materials to work with! Let us know in the comments.

Happy tote-ing!


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