The 10 Commandments of Canvas Tote Bags

Promotional canvas tote bags provide many benefits. The biggest benefit being that it builds brand awareness for your business. They are memorable, economical, and are overall great marketing tools. If you are familiar with the team here at Enviro-Tote, you know that we like to have fun. With so many uses for canvas tote bags, we present to you The 10 Commandments of Canvas Tote Bags!

The 10 Commandments of Canvas Tote Bags

Thou Shall Take Pride in Where My Totes Are Made

Our stores are flooded with cheap, poor quality, imported items. A bag that is Made in USA will have a higher quality construction than a bag bought overseas. Check the label and take a real good look at a tote before you make the purchase.  Is there just one single needle stitch holding the bottom and sides of the bag together? Are the handles reinforced so they don’t pull off?  Is the material a non-woven material that can puncture or a sturdy canvas weave? A bag is not just a bag sometimes. They are an investment that can last you 20 years if bought right.  Make sure your reusable bag is not a disposable product after just a few uses.

Thou Shall Use Reusable Tote Bags for Marketing

Looking for a way to make your brand stand out at trade shows, conferences, and fundraising events? Think of all the items received at events. Handouts from various vendors, pens, hats, drinkware, and more. Attendees need a place to store all these items, and your 100% customizable and reusable tote bag can do just that! Make YOUR logo the one to be seen all around the show!  To add to that, because you are providing attendees with a durable and stylish tote bag, they are more likely to use that bag again at the grocery store, the office, or general everyday use. That sounds like an excellent way to build additional brand exposure!

Thou Shall Focus on The Quality of the Artwork for A Tote Bag Design

This does not mean that you need to be an artist! The better the artwork, the better looking the print will appear.  Canvas is a coarse material. To ensure the best quality artwork on your tote bags, there are a variety of factors that must be considered when designing your art. This includes the material the artwork is being printed on, the artwork itself, and the way in which the artwork was designed. You can read more about printing techniques and designing your artwork here.

Thou Shall Use Their Reusable Tote Bags for Shopping

Do you run a grocery store, market, or retail shop? Encourage your patrons to reuse your tote bags in your store.  Canvas tote bags are a great way to build brand awareness long after a customer has left your store! As an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags, offer reusable totes at checkout. Offer a nominal reward if they bring a reusable bag to your store. Just a nickel will bring a huge awareness to the idea!  Not only are they stylish, but a single tote bag can hold a significant amount of weight in comparison to plastic bags. This means less bags that the customers must carry back home.  And hopefully, your company name is all over it!

Thou Shall Take Their Reusable Tote Bag to School

Reusable canvas tote bags are a hit at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Whether they are sold in the campus store or given during orientation, students and professors turn to their tote bags each day because they are durable and can withstand the weight of multiple items (textbooks and laptops included).

Thou Shall Give Reusable Tote Bags as Gifts

Canvas tote bags make excellent gifts! Order your bags in bulk and use them to show off and market your business. Give one (or more!) to each of your employees to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say thank you. Reusable tote bags are also great gifts for your clients. Think gift basket, but with all the goodies tucked into a bag that the recipient can use for years to come. Or maybe you are putting together a raffle or sweepstakes for your business? Add a canvas tote bag to hold all the giveaway items. There are a variety of ways in which you can give the gift of totes!

Thou Shall Take Steps (Small or Large) to Help the Environment

Reusable canvas tote bags are a great alternative for cutting down on plastic bag usage. By bringing your tote bag along on shopping trips, you now have that many fewer plastic bags to throw away or store under the sink. It is a simple step that when done by many can make a big difference.

Thou Shall Keep Their Reusable Tote Bags Clean

The only thing worse than a reusable tote bag that looks dirty, is a reusable tote bag that is covered in nasty stuff you cannot see (AKA bad germs). Our tote bags end up in the weirdest places sometimes. Maybe it finds its way onto the floor in your office or the floor of the subway, or perhaps the floor in a restaurant. By washing your tote bags following regular use, you can keep the visible and the unseen from dirtying up your reusable tote bags!

Thou Shall Keep Their Reusable Tote Bags Organized

You can keep your bags clean and organized, but you can also have clean bags that are unorganized!

If it has an inside pocket, by all means use it for small items or items you need to get at quickly.  If you don’t have a pocket, then use zipper pouches in different colors! Now what about organizing all your bags?  You can pack all bags that you use for the grocery store inside of one bag that hangs on the back of the door until you put it in your car.  Use different color bags or bags with different prints to separate by use.  Sports bags, music bags, work bag, etc. can each be unique. Hang them up by the handles or arrange them neatly on the floor for a quick grab and go!

Thou Shall Use Their Reusable Tote Bags Everywhere

We mean it. Everywhere! Canvas tote bags are extremely versatile, making them great for all-around, everyday use. An example of some of the many ways you can use your tote bags include:

  • Work/School
  • Grocery/Retail
  • Travel
  • Gym
  • Library/Bookstore
  • Knitting/Sewing
  • Beach/Boat/Lake
  • And so much more!

Do you have questions about which reusable tote bags would be best for your promotional needs? Reach out to our Sales Representatives. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to answer your questions and help match you to the right product!

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