Enviro-Tote News: T-shirt Touchdown!

After the launch of Enviro-Tees, our experienced screen printers (whose expertise begins with printing t-shirts!) were thrilled with the exciting opportunity to assist our friends over at Blue Dolphin Screenprint and Embroidery in Somersworth, NH to help print over 30,000 short and long sleeve shirts following the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl 53 win.

A small group of our screen printers joined Blue Dolphin to help them finish printing the championship t-shirts in the early Monday morning following the big game. It was great to team up with Blue Dolphin to print t-shirts for our home team, as we gear up for printing t-shirts of our own! You can read more about Blue Dolphin’s Super Bowl t-shirt screenprinting here!

Enviro-Tee’s are available NOW! Contact us today to learn more about our new product! 1-800-TOTE BAG

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