Sustainable Promotional Products to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Ever wonder how a radio station, known for being a great resource for others’ marketing needs, might try to build upon their own brand awareness? Sustainable promotional products are growing in popularity, with tote bags being a versatile item many choose. Today we are talking about how KVMR Radio is using tote bags to show their appreciation for their customers and build brand awareness at the same time.


KVMR Radio


Nevada City, California



Years in Business

43 Years

Company Website 

About KVMR Radio

KVMR Radio station is located in the Gold Country of California.  They offer music of the world and a voice for the community. KVMR serves those in its target geographic area who share its values, and over the years has grown to focus on serving that broader geographic community.

Purpose of Purchase

New members receive a KVMR tote with a $5 monthly contribution ($60 donation).

Tote Bag Details

Canvas Tote Bag often used for groceries or everyday toting around!  Measures 18”w x 15”h x 7”g.  The canvas is 100% Recycled (65% post-industrial cotton, 35% post-consumer plastic).  The handles are 25” long and go over the shoulder. And of course, it’s all USA Made!

What are the bags being used for?

Having a KVMR canvas bag shows the community your appreciation of the station and it’s a walking billboard for us too.  So go ahead, accept that gift with a donation!

Sustainable Promotional Products to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Sustainable promotional products are becoming more popular as businesses seek to demonstrate their environmental conscience. Cost-efficient, versatile and long-lasting, reusable tote bags are making it possible for companies large and small to demonstrate they care about the planet in an eye-catching way.

Building up a following is a hard job, no matter what industry you’re in. In many cases, the best way to gain followers is to give them something that will make a lasting impression. In ASI’s 2019 Ad Impressions Study, they note that tote bags make a whopping 3,300 impressions- per bag!  Now make that a quality tote bag with a killer graphic, and you’ll see the attraction grow! In the case of KVMR Radio, the station was looking for donations.  They offered their branded tote bags as a benefit to those donating. 

Making the Switch to Reusable

Enviro-Tote’s sustainable promotional tote bags are perfect for encouraging customers to make the switch from disposable bags to reusable ones. Offering a high quality promotional product with a low CPI (cost per impression) will enhance any marketing budget.  We offer a variety of environmentally friendly materials, working with USA based mills where most of our materials come from. These are just a few reasons why our sustainable tote bags are just what you need to show off your brand in an eco-friendly way.

Would you like assistance choosing an eco-friendly tote bag style for your customer base? Our Sales Team is available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in preparing your tote bag design for production!

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