Sip, Style, and Sustain with Enviro-Tote’s Made in USA Wine Tote Bags

Wine totes – an item that goes above and beyond the moment! More than just vessels for your favorite reds and whites, these promotional wine tote bags redefine elegance, sustainability, and versatility. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly canvas material right here in the USA, these totes not only showcase your brand or event with style but also embody a commitment to conscious living.

Discover the Eco-Friendly Elegance of Enviro-Tote’s Wine Tote Bags

Our Made in USA wine tote bags serve as a perfect way to get from Point A to Point B, allowing you to transport your cherished bottles in style. Choose from an array of options, including 1, 2, 4, and 6-bottle canvas wine totes, each an expression of your brand or event through custom printed designs or logos. What sets our wine totes apart is the eco-friendly ethos – select from materials such as organic cotton to recycled PET (plastic) bottle material, aligning your choices with a sustainable lifestyle.

Custom canvas wine bags with logo - 4 bottle

Styles Tailored for Your Branding Needs

For your next promotional tote bag, explore the diverse styles we offer:

  1. Single-Bottle Wine Tote: A canvas tote designed for the secure and stylish transport of a single bottle. Perfect for weddings, client gifts, or any occasion where sophistication is key.
  2. 2-Bottle Wine Tote: Carefully stitched for the safe carriage of two bottles, this tote features a canvas divider that can be pushed aside to transform the bag into a regular tote. Ideal for wineries, retail wine shops, weddings, and customized gifts.
  3. 4-Bottle Wine Tote: Sturdy canvas construction ensures the safe transport of up to four bottles, with a collapsible divider allowing space for additional items. A top choice for wineries, retail wine shops, and craft stores, it’s also a popular option for weddings and custom client gifts.
  4. 6-Bottle Wine Tote: Transport up to six bottles in style, thanks to its robust canvas construction and collapsible divider. Versatility meets elegance, making it a favorite for wineries, retail shops, craft stores, and memorable client gifts.
  5. 4-Sleeve Shoulder Tote: Multi-functional and compartmentalized, this tote features stitched bottle sleeves for wines or artisan oils. An organizational marvel, perfect for craft projects, knitting supplies, and more.
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Enviro-Tote – Where Quality Meets Sustainability

What makes our wine tote bags stand out? Quality and sustainability, wrapped in the pride of being Made in the USA. The Spun Poly webbing handles ensure comfortable over-the-shoulder carrying, emphasizing not just style but convenience.

Ready to Add Made in USA Wine Totes to Your Collection?

Visit the Enviro-Tote website to explore pricing or call our Sales Team for expert assistance. Whether for your storefront, winery, or a special event, our team is dedicated to answering your questions and ensuring your custom wine tote design comes to life. Sip, style, and sustain – redefine your gift-giving with Enviro-Tote’s quality wine tote bags.