Shop Made in America: The Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Made in America is a movement that encourages Americans to buy American-made gifts this holiday season. Join us this year as we, and many others, shop Made in America products this holiday season for our family, friends, and colleagues!

The holiday season is quickly approaching. While many of us turn to the major online retailers and the big box stores to check items off our shopping lists, we are asking you to consider a different approach as you venture out to do your holiday shopping. It has always been important to shop locally sourced products. From the personal service you receive, to the economic impact, and all the social connections that are made in between. Join us this year as we, and many others, shop Made in America products this holiday season for our family, friends, and colleagues!

Support Your Community

A major perk to shopping local, is that these businesses are more likely than chain stores to carry products that are locally produced. This could mean that not only are you supporting their business, but you are also backing your community members that make the product being sold in this store. It is additionally assumed that this business is more likely to hire local employees. There is a trickle down effect to shopping local that has a positive impact on numerous members of the community.

It Is Fun to Shop Local

When you shop online or go to a major retailer, you do not always get that personalized shopping experience. By shopping at a business within your community, you begin to learn the employee names, they learn yours, these employees (or store owners) start to learn what type of products you like or do not like. In turn, the employees can now personalize your shopping experience as they get to know you. You then start to bring your friends or family into their store. They build a rapport with the employees. Do you see what is happening here? Being a part of the community is rewarding. And as you build these relationships, you will start to learn more about that family business you are supporting.

The Economic Impact Matters

We can’t stress how important this is! When you are shopping at a local business, you are not supporting a large corporation. You are instead supporting a family sending their child(ren) off to college, taking care of their parents, or perhaps they use extra earnings to give back to the local community. Doesn’t that make you feel good about where your money is going?

These businesses also pay taxes to the town/city and the county. This goes to support local public schools, roads, parks, and municipal employees. On top of that, according to the Small Business Administration, since 1990 small businesses have added 8 million jobs. This means that the more you shop within your local community, the more opportunities you can help provide.

Don’t Forget About Shopping Online!

We have mentioned the benefits of shopping at your local brick-and-mortar stores, but keep in mind that there are many online small businesses situated within your community as well! By shopping a small business online, you are still supporting a Made in America business. It still supports and benefits local communities. And it still gives you that same “feel good” moment of knowing where your money is going.

With a large variety of United States based online businesses to shop from, we know that it can be overwhelming! And maybe you are not even sure what you’re shopping for just yet! Check out New Hampshire Made. A website devoted to promoting the great businesses and their products that are made throughout New Hampshire! You can also visit sites such as or to find even more gift ideas that are made all over the country!

Inspiration Straight from Enviro-Tote

A branded reusable Enviro-Tote makes a great gift for many reasons. First, you’re giving a high-quality hand-made item constructed in America while reducing the use of harmful single-use plastic bags. The second is that a tote bag makes a great alternative to wasteful wrapping paper showing a level of thoughtfulness added to the gift. No matter what the season is, we have a selection of gift bags that are perfect for any occasion any time of the year!

Mini Boat Bag | The Mini Boat Bag is a mini bag with classy styling. Smaller items like snacks, jewelry, and other trinkets fit perfectly inside this 10”w x 7”h x 3”g tote! Like the size, but want a simpler look? Check out the Tiny Tote or the Mock Boat Zipper Pouch.

Custom wine bottle carrier - 1 bottle printed cotton canvas

Single Bottle Wine Bag | Wine is precious cargo, so the only way to gift it should be in a reusable wine bag! Carefully designed, durable, and sleek, this tote is a great choice for client and wedding gifts. If you have more wine or other beverages to give, you can view the rest of our Wine Tote selections.

Canvas shopping tote bags made in USA

Shoulder Tote | We selected the Shoulder Tote as a gift on its own, simply because it’s a bag you can use for anything! A popular choice for giveaways, they could be used as gifts with purchase, or to carry larger customer gifts in.

Mini Tote | This little bag can hold more than you think! It can fit a tablet, 8.5” x 11” papers, small gifts, reusable water bottles, and more. The perfect go-to if the Mini Boat Bag is too small!

Enviro-Tote encourages you to visit (in-person or virtually) your local stores this holiday season and shop Made in America products. Whether it be your local coffee shop, corner store, boutique, or any other store in your community. We promise you will not regret taking a little extra time to support those that are so close to you. After all, could you imagine your neighborhood without these local businesses?