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First Corinthian Baptist Church


New York, NY



Years in Business

Est. 1933

Company Website 

About First Corinthian Baptist Church

Situated in Harlem, the First Corinthian Baptist Church has made it their mission to engage the issues facing their community. Along with their regular church services, they have also established various programs for the Harlem Community. First being the  ‘The Dream Center’, which is focused on creative arts, leadership development, and economic empowerment. They have also opened The H.O.P.E. (Healing on Purpose and Evolving) Center, which is a faith-based mental health facility seeking to minimize the stigma that exists when seeking mental health services.

Purpose of Purchase

The First Corinthian Baptist Church was looking for an American made apron that would keep clothes free of food spills, but that would also keep the material free of germs and other bacteria.

Purchase Details

First Corinthian Baptist Church ordered gray twill aprons with pockets featuring the message “Live Love Serve”. The apron material was treated with FUZE, an antimicrobial treatment to protect against harmful pathogens for extended periods of time.

What Are The Aprons Being Used For?

The team at First Corinthian Baptist Church purchased these aprons with an antimicrobial treatment for their food servers. These individuals distribute food to the homeless. Through the help of donations and volunteers, First Corinthian Baptist Church has established a long-standing food pantry and soup kitchen serving the Harlem area. Each year a special Thanksgiving Dinner is served, with hundreds lining up to receive a meal. And these are not your typical soup kitchen spreads. The staff at First Corinthian Baptist Church takes extra care to make the Thanksgiving meal a truly special occasion for all who show up.

Throughout 2020, First Corinthian Baptist Church has provided countless meals to those in need. According to the New York City Food Policy Center, millions of New Yorkers rely on food pantries and soup kitchens to survive. Within this past year, half of the food pantries and soup kitchens in New York City have closed due to COVID-19. Making the volume of those in need of services higher at open pantries across the City.

In their American made aprons, volunteers at First Corinthian Baptist Church are doing all that they can to serve those in need throughout the Harlem community.

Image Courtesy of First Corinthian Baptist Church

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