Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! New Stock Bag Option

Image for New Printed Stock Tote

Make this Black Friday and Holiday Season plastic free by ordering our already printed Made in USA reusable shopping totes. They are $2.99 a tote and are available to order in packs of 5! You don’t have to order 50 pieces of these adorable shopping totes in order to reduce plastic waste this season.

This special in-stock tote is made in Lightweight Polycotton – our lightest canvas option – perfect for folding up and keeping in your car so you don’t forget to bring them! It’s also printed in our signature hunter green color with a print that reminds you and everyone who sees it the importance of recycling.

“I am a 100% Reusable Bag! I can replace 2 shopping bags per trip, 2 times a week. That’s 16 bags per month and 192 bags per year that I saved from our landfill! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”

Let’s make Black Friday “Reusable Shopping Bag Day”. Order yours in time for the holidays!

Meagan Shackelford, Customer Service

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