Promotional Tote Bags in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Author Nana Nkweti knows the power of marketing! With an upcoming release date for her new book, Walking on Cowrie Shells, Nana used promotional tote bags as part of the overall marketing campaign. The tote bags were gifted to influencers, who could further market not only the book, but the brand as well. What a great way to get the word out!

Books and tote bags go hand-in-hand. If you are writing, promoting, or launching a book, you NEED a tote these days. They provide your target market with a daily reminder of your brand, and also give you a chance to solidify your relationship with your existing customers and even new ones.


Nana Nkweti, Cameroonian-American Writer

Book Title

Walking on Cowrie Shells

Where to Purchase

Your local indie bookstore,, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble


About Nana Nkweti’s Walking in Cowrie Shells

Walking on Cowrie Shells focuses on the lives of hyphenated-Americans with multi-culti roots in the United States and Africa. The book spans genres – literary realism, horror, mystery, YA, science fiction – and features complex, fully-embodied characters: tongue-tied linguistic anthropologists, comic book enthusiasts and even water goddesses. The stories aim to entertain readers while also offering a counterpoint to prevalent “heart of darkness” writing that too often depicts a singular “African” experience plagued by locusts, hunger, and tribal in-fighting.

Purpose of Purchase

These tote bags were purchased as a gift to influencers in order to help promote Nana’s new book, Walking on Cowrie Shells.

Tote Bag Details

Everyday Tote Bag

Using Promotional Tote Bags in Your Next Marketing Campaign

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