Promoting The Manufacturing Industry Through Reusable Tote Bags




Los Angeles, California


Graphic Design & Typography

Years in Business

Over twenty years

Company Website

About LuxTypo

Based out of Los Angeles, LuxTypo publishes original typefaces informed with their point of view towards communication. Their constant pursuit to elevate this experience through clear and memorial type design has led them to collaborate with leading agencies and brands to provide custom typeface and logo services.

Purpose of Purchase

LuxTypo’s “Made in Los Angeles” collection celebrates the diversity and dynamism that is Los Angeles. Spanish is an ubiquitous part of this city’s identity to a point that certain phrases transcend both English and Spanish to become “Angeleno”. “Hecho en Los Angeles” is a statement of pride, optimism and inclusiveness.” 

Tote Bag Details

Shoulder Tote Bag in 15oz Colored Cotton. The typeface used on the tote bags is called Fabriga, and was created by Greg Lindy.

What are the bags being used for?

The idea for these tote bags was conceived/made in Los Angeles and constructed in New Hampshire. The bags are for sale on the LuxTypo website.

Promoting the Manufacturing Industry Through Reusable Tote Bags

How do you promote and market manufacturing using everyday items? Are reusable tote bags the answer? LuxTypo has done a great job of bringing awareness to Los Angeles. Not only to celebrate the diversity and dynamism of the people that live in the City, but also the businesses that populate the area.

It is essential now more than ever that manufacturing is promoted throughout American cities. As a major United States port, manufacturing and trade in Los Angeles rivals that of other countries. Many people don’t realize just how many jobs the manufacturing industry actually holds. Boasting 12.8 million employees throughout the country, with more than 510,000 manufacturing workers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area alone. It is important we all understand  that manufacturing is alive and well across the United States!

Are you in the manufacturing industry? Are you looking for new and effective ways to promote your business? While there are a number of options, one of the best ideas that we can utilize is turning to everyday items as promotional tools. These everyday items, such as reusable tote bags, will work wonders for your customers and create a buzz around your business or industry. Manufacturers now have a new way to get their message out to people – through reusable tote bags. At Enviro-Tote, we have developed various bag styles that can meet the needs of just about everyone.

Unsure of what tote bags make the most sense for your manufacturing business? Connect with our knowledgeable Sales Team. We are available to answer any questions you may have about various styles and designs, and assist you in preparing your tote bag design for production!

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