Portable Art Kits for Kids


Step Into Art, Inc.


Newton, Massachusetts


Non-Profit Organization

Years in Business

15 Years (founded in 2005)

Company Website 


About Step Into Art, Inc.

Step Into Art, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded with the mission of providing dynamic, content-rich art education programs that actively engage children with great works of art from Boston-area museums. Each Step Into Art program takes place in partnership with a Boston school and includes art-viewing, art-making, and writing. 

Tote Bag Details

Medium Size Tote Bag in 10oz. Natural Cotton

What are the bags being used for?

Step Into Art ordered these totes to hold special new art-making kits that the organization is providing to Boston children in their 2020-2021 school partnership programs. The kits accompany Step Into Art virtual lessons, making it possible for students to continue to enjoy hands-on art-making even during this time of remote learning.  The students love their new totes, which help them keep all their supplies organized in one place.  They are excited to bring these to their lessons!

Portable Art Kits for Kids

Kids are creative by nature. Their imagination is running wild, and there is nothing we love to see more than when a child’s creativity is brought to life through art. This past year has proven to be especially challenging for parents, as they navigate working from home while having their children at home as well. According to a survey of parents in June of 2020, 44% of children ages 5-10 spend more than four hours each day on electronic devices. Prior to 2020, this number was at about 17%.

Keeping children entertained throughout the day can be a difficult task! Which got us thinking. Much like what Step Into Art is doing in their partnership with the Boston school system. Why can’t we as parents do something similar for our kids at home? We more than likely have a lot of the supplies already. It is just a matter of putting it all together!

How to Make Your Kit

  • Start by finding a sturdy tote bag that you have in your home.
  • Gather any art supplies that you would like to include in your kit. (ex,; markers, crayons, watercolors, paint brushes, colored pencils, construction paper, sketchbook, scissors, or stencils.
  • Neatly organize the materials of your choice within the tote bag.
  • Repeat this process for each child.

You now have a portable art kid that your child can enjoy throughout the week! Be sure to replenish the art supplies as needed. And above all, HAVE FUN and embrace your creative side!

Looking to put together your own portable art kits for kids? Enviro-Tote carries blank canvas tote bags that are not only great for storing the materials. They also double as a canvas for your little artists! These totes are in stock and ready to ship the same day!

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