Phase 1 of Reintroducing Reusable Tote Bags

The Enviro-Tote team is always listening to its customers. Some of you had voiced concerns about reusable tote bags harboring bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Which is why, a couple of months ago our crew got to work figuring out how we could address this concern. We would like to call this Phase 1 of Reintroducing Reusable Tote Bags.

In April 2020, Enviro-Tote teamed up with FUZE Biotech and began offering a FUZE anti-microbial treatment for our available tote bags and aprons. We ultimately wanted to give our customers an added layer of protection against infectious diseases for their everyday products such as tote bags.

You can add the FUZE treatment to any of our materials (front, back, inside, and out), including handles, to prevent and protect against bacteria, mold, and infectious diseases. The treatment adheres to materials and kills bacteria when they come in contact. It even maintains its effectiveness for over 100 washes and for greater than 8 months on surfaces!

On top of our commitment to offering a high-quality tote bag, the health and well-being of our customers is important to all of us at Enviro-Tote. As a result, we are thrilled to be able to offer you this safe and sustainable treatment that can keep your tote bag free of harmful pathogens.

Why Should You Choose Enviro-Tote for Your Tote Bag Needs?

Each bag purchased from Enviro-Tote is individually cut, hand-stitched, and screen-printed at our facility in Londonderry, New Hampshire. We only cut the fabric after an order arrives, which allows us to provide both custom and standard sizes and styles. Each bag is carefully cut, hand stitched, and customized with your company logo or promotional message. A great deal of care goes into each bag we make.

Our commitment to you –

  • Eco-Friendly/Sustainability: The environment is important to us, so with each order placed Enviro-Tote sets out to generate as little waste as possible in all that we do. With efficient cutting and stitching methods, along with precise printing, we can eliminate fabric waste. All our standard sizes have been designed to create no fabric waste.
  • USA Made: Made in America tote bags bring a distinct level of quality that is unmatched by any imported tote bag. All of Enviro-Tote’s available tote bags, Enviro-Tee’s™, masks, and aprons, are made in New Hampshire, with materials that are domestically sourced.
  • Sustainability: Enviro-Tote bags are available in four different materials – Cotton Canvas, Recycled Cotton, Bottle Bag, and Organic Cotton.
    • With two weights to choose from, the 10 and 15 oz Cotton is the most popular and economical choice that we offer. The 10 oz cotton is a canvas that is specially woven for Enviro-Tote. Due to the extra yarn and tight weave, our 10 oz cotton is comparable to other companies’ 12 oz weight. It is also a great fabric to use for almost any print application. The heavier 15 oz weight that Enviro-Tote offers is a sturdier fabric that offers a more professional look. It is great for products such as the Boat Bags.
    • The Bottle Bag™ is made from 100% PET – the plastic bottles that we recycle every day! As this material helps preserve the earth, The Bottle Bag™ fabrics also provide comfort, ease of care, durability, softness, and a rich-looking appearance!
    • Recycled Cotton Canvas is made from a 65% blend of cotton yarn produced with the excess fabric of newly made clothing, and 35% Bottle Bag material. This unique manufacturing process saves land, energy, and water.
    • Organic Cotton Canvas is 100% certified organic cotton grown domestically in Texas. An organic grower provides healthy, wholesome products that takes care of us and the environment as an investment in our future. In this case, you get what you pay for!

Customer Feedback

Enviro-Tote is always looking to hear from our customers. This is helpful so that we can continue providing you with the best high-quality tote bags that we can. Following the launch of FUZE antimicrobial treated materials, Enviro-Tote reached out to customers to get feedback on the product. Here is a tote that we made for Hunky Dory Book in Brooklyn, New York, featuring the FUZE treatment.

Here is what Claire of Hunky Dory Book had to say: “…it feels and looks the same as regular fabric. I added it to the item description as a selling point, and I think it does give an added value to the purchase.”

Image Courtesy of Hunky Dory Book, Brooklyn, NY. Find them on Instagram.

For more information on our available tote bags, the FUZE antimicrobial treatment, or any other Enviro-Tote product, please visit our website or email

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