Our Top Conference Tote Bag Designs (and Why Attendees Love Them!)

Show your clients that you care … in a BIG way. Choose from one of these styles to create the perfect conference tote bags for your next event.

Trade shows, networking events and conferences … Yeah, we love them but there is one thing that makes or breaks our experience – the giveaway items at each event. Attendees love when they receive a tote bag full of goodies! This keeps them coming back for more, and you on the top of their mind for their next event. Tote bags are not only useful (and a favorite item amongst conference-goers) but also make an excellent advertising product.

And did we mention that the bigger the bag you’re giving away at a conference the better? Attendees will be carrying their goodies in the biggest bag they’re offered. Bigger the tote, the more likely other people’s bags will be their stuffing! Here are some of our popular larger bags that will serve as a perfect giveaway at your next event:

Shoulder Tote Bag

The Shoulder Tote is our most popular choice for event planners and buyers who seek a long-lasting canvas tote that can withstand years of use. The large imprint area allows you to put your brand or design in the spotlight!

Custom canvas tote bags

Large Three Panel Bag

There’s nothing like a conference bag with your logo on it! And these are some of the best ones we’ve come across. Attendees love toting these tote bags around because of the three spacious panels and 6.5″ gusset. Not only are they large enough to fit everything you need, but they can be customized with numerous options.

Jumbo Tote Bag

Our Jumbo Tote Bag is a great choice for those who are looking to make a memorable impression at their next event. Big, bold, and spacious they offer ample room for all your conference essentials! The Jumbo Tote is the next size up from our popular Shoulder Tote bag style and is perfect for large logos and off-centered prints.

Large Boat Bag

The Large Boat Bag is the perfect choice for brands looking to put their logo on a high-end canvas bag that makes a great first impression. Maximize your marketing potential to new and old customers by advertising with the Large Boat Bag! Also available in an extra-large style offering an even more spacious experience!

Still unsure about which item is best for you? Or have questions on the design process? Contact one of our Sales Representatives to see how we can assist you with creating custom tote bags for your next conference!