Our Favorite Shopping Tote Bags for Bulk Things

We know your tote bag is a trusty companion, but sometimes you just need something for bulk items. We suggest rounding out your collection with some of these great reusable shopping tote bags that are made for carrying heavy items!

When we are headed to shop, a reusable tote bag is one of the most convenient things we can carry. They are durable, stylish and they adequately carry heavy items — with no worry that they will rip or break! But when heading from the car to the store, sometimes you want to minimize the number of bags and totes that you take in with you (let’s face it: multiple bags can get messy!).  Here are some of our favorite reusable shopping tote bags for bulk things.

Our Favorite Shopping Tote Bags

Extra Large Tote


An extra huge canvas tote just for your groceries? Sounds like a recipe for a great shopping trip. Our Extra Large Tote is great for a trip to the market or the beach and can be used as a weekend bag. You will love how much you can fit inside – these totes are so spacious that they can easily fit a large assortment of groceries or other bulky items.

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4-Sleeve Shoulder Tote

Inside view of the 4 Sleeve Shoulder Tote with bottles

When you’re on the go, hauling groceries and shopping bags around, a bag is more than just a bag. It becomes an essential part of your day-to-day life. And while some seem to be created with more style than substance in mind, others are downright practical works of art — like the 4-Sleeve Shoulder Tote Bag. This tote brilliantly organizes bottles/items on one side, with room to spare for other items throughout the rest of the bag.

Should 4-Sleeve Shoulder Totes

Large Grocery Tote

Reusable grocery bags bulk

These tote bags are a fun yet functional alternative to plastic shopping bags. We consider the Large Grocery Tote to be the ultimate canvas shopping bag! Whether it’s the grocery store or simply your local farmer’s market, you’re going to need a good reusable shopping bag with enough space for your bulk food items. 

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Extra Large Boat Bag

If you are consistently looking for a stylish outdoor shopping tote and have not found one with the qualities that you want, then I think it is time for you to get familiar with Extra Large Boat Bag. This boat bag is one of the biggest tote bags we offer with massive styling. Whether you are going shopping or packing clothes for a trip, store all your bulk items in one place!

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Are you interested in adding shopping tote bags to your storefront? Visit the Enviro-Tote website to price your totes or call us for assistance! Our Sales Team is available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in preparing your tote bag design for production!

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