Making the Most Out of Virtual Trade Shows

If you are anything like us, you are probably missing trade show season this year! There is nothing quite like the face-to-face relationships that you build at a show. Not to mention the fact that it is a great opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility and showcase your products and services.

Trade shows are important for many different reasons, but some of the top ones include –

  • Networking & Building Rapport
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • Education & Training
  • Brand Expansion & Awareness

Virtual Events

Much like we are all adapting to virtual meetings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams (to name a few), many conferences and trade shows are also making the switch to virtual events. And with the right technology and presenters in place, these events are sure to still be a success!

Although there are some disadvantages to virtual events such as “video call fatigue” and the lack of face-to-face interaction, there are also some great benefits to trade shows going virtual including –

  • Money saved on travel and hotel stays
  • No parking fees
  • Saves time on travel and booth set-up
  • Reduced cost to virtually exhibit

Marketing Materials

With an event being held virtually, does that mean I do not need to hand out my swag or marketing materials? To be honest, this means the complete opposite. SWAG (or stuff we all get) is a very important component whether the event be virtual or in person. When it comes to the swag and marketing materials that you handout at a trade show, keep it mind that attendees are looking for the following –

  • Functional and useful items
  • More than one item
  • Well-designed items

People want to get to know your brand! Make sure that whatever you choose to handout to attendees properly captures your company and what it stands for.

Trade Show in a Tote

Who out there does not love a durable and reusable canvas tote bag? Tote bags make excellent items to handout to attendees at trade show and conference events. Which is why Enviro-Tote® offers the Trade Show in a Tote!

A few key elements to the Trade Show in a Tote –

  • The cost of sponsorship to put flyers or other items in the totes will cover all costs of the “handout”. Which means there is no cost to you!
  • You choose the design or logo to be displayed on the reusable canvas tote bags
  • Have additional marketing materials or swag items you would like included in each bag? Have them sent to us and we will handle all the heavy lifting!
  • This means we will not only create each bag specifically to meet your needs, but we will also stuff each one full of your desired materials/items.

Have questions about how to design your Trade Show in a Tote? Reach out to our knowledgeable Sales Representatives who can assist you with all things tote bags!

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