Ways to Keep Your Sales & Marketing Travelling (When No One is Travelling)

Over the course of Enviro-Tote’s 30 years in business, we have endured many situations of economic uncertainty – from market crashes, recessions, pandemics, and other global illnesses, wars, terror attacks, and more. All Through these various events in history there is one thing that we have noticed; people are resilient, and they always find a way to come out on the other side of a crisis.

Now more than ever it is important that we stay connected to one another. Although globally we are in a place of uncertainty, it does not mean that your business should back off on its marketing and sales approach. It just means that you need to pivot your existing approach to adapt to the current climate.

Here are some strategies for businesses of all sizes to keep sales and marketing moving forward through unpredictable times.

  • Think Local |  Engage your local community by communicating key aspects and updates about your business. Many consumers will seek out local stores and USA Made products when eligible to do so. This encourages communities to work and thrive together.
  • Get Creative |  Put your business out there by standing apart from the normal messaging. Interactive contests, blogging, dressing up the company car with an auto wrap, samplings of your product, and loyalty programs are creative and fun ways to get people talking about your brand. Enviro-Tote®s “Tote Mobile” is featured above!
  • Go Back to Basics |  In the mix of creative marketing, it is also a great time to return to Marketing 101. Refresh yourself on the 4 P’s of your business (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) by distributing print mail, cold calls, promotional products, etc.
  • Go Remote |  Technology allows us to connect in more ways than ever before. Schedule routine webinars, live stream your services, conduct virtual meetings and conferences, and host digital events. These are just a few ways to engage and promote your business from a distance.
  • Alternative Pickup Options |  Scheduled times for deliveries and customer pickups help to keep things moving for businesses and industries affected by closures and reduced hours. Curbside pickup and contactless deliveries can be implemented to continue sales at both parties’ convenience.
  • Boost Online Presence |  Can your product be sold online? Investing in an eCommerce platform is a surefire way to continue sales while people are not travelling as much and are working from home. Do not forget about your social media presence and post fun, relevant, and engaging content with your followers.

During these challenging times, the most important thing you can do for your business is to keep moving forward. Investing in your brand and adapting to economic challenges will strengthen your business in ways you might never have thought. We are all in this together!

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