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As a company with a conscience, it is important at Enviro-Tote® that we stay up to date on topics impacting the environment. Whether it is a topic bringing about a positive or negative environmental impact, it is important to be informed. Locally and globally, there are many advocates helping to shape the future of the textile manufacturing industry. Below is a list of some of the industry experts to follow. These organizations are doing big things to support United States textile manufacturing, along with some cool recycling projects!


SEAMS is an organization that is leading the Made in America movement. They strive to shape the growth of the United States fashion, sewn products, and textile industries. The organization provides access to people, processes, and products to move production back to the United States. SEAMS is a great resource for shaping the growth and resurgence of Made in America!

Learn more about SEAMS: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Website

Council for Textile Recycling (CTR)

The Council for Textile Recycling is a non-profit organization. They have dedicated themselves to raising awareness about the importance of textile recycling. Not many truly understand the amount of used clothing and other post-consumer textile waste that is being sent to landfills throughout the United States. CTR has built a platform that builds relationships and shares information that supports post-consumer textile waste diversion activities. We love how CTR is advocating to give used textiles a second life!

Learn more about the Council for Textile Recycling: Facebook | Website

PureCycle Technologies

PureCycle Technologies has created a ground-breaking recycling process that separates color, odor, and contaminants from plastic waste feedstock. This recycling service then transforms the broken-down material into an ultra-pure recycled polypropylene. Once converted, this sustainable, recycled resin is great for companies to repurpose for packaging and more. 

Learn more about the PureCycle Technologies: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Website

The Ocean Cleanup

Using advanced technologies designed by 24-year old inventor, Brock Slat, The Ocean Cleanup is working to rid the oceans of plastic waste. Their goal is to clean up 90% of the ocean’s plastic pollution. This is done by addressing the waste that has already accumulated and by intercepting plastic in rivers before it reaches the ocean. Overall, this is an amazing, feel good project that is currently taking place. We highly recommend following The Ocean Cleanup on social media to stay up to date on all that they are doing globally! 

Learn more about The Ocean Cleanup Project: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART)

The Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association is an international trade association. Their members are committed to the use and conversion of recycled and secondary materials from used clothing, commercial laundries, and non-woven, off spec material, new mill ends and paper from all over the world. SMART advocates and educates on the reuse and recycling of textiles and related used materials.

Learn more about the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Website

These are just a few examples of the industry experts to follow. We hope this article was helpful. And that you found the work they are doing just as exciting as we do! Do you know of any other organizations doing amazing things to help the environment? Either in the United States or throughout the World? Let us know who you are following in the comments. We would love to get your feedback!

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