How to Rule the Trade Show Floor

It is Trade Show Buying Season and no matter what industry you work in, the must-have promotional item at a show is going to be a Tote Bag! Use these trends to plan ahead for your upcoming event so attendees will be broadcasting your brand and not the competition!

Big Totes

Bigger is always better at a Trade Show. Attendees will be carrying their goodies in the biggest bag they’re offered. Bigger the tote, the more likely other people’s bags will be their stuffing!

Tote Tips: Choose the Shoulder ToteJumbo Tote, or Large Three Panel Bag for your next show.

Big and Bold Prints

Paired with a large tote, big and bold prints with bright colors will surely catch the attention of other attendees. Ask yourself, ‘Can they see your tote NOW?!’

Tote Tips: Try Jumbo prints and add a pop of color around your logo!

Give Them What They Really Want

You’ve definitely heard this before: “This tote is awesome, I only wish it had pockets!” Give the people what they want and add a pocket to your tote! Inside hanging pockets and outside pockets are available on most of our styles. And don’t be afraid to advertise a message on the pocket. It may just make the difference!

Tote Tips: Jumbo Tote and Boat Bags are great tote bags with prime pocket potential. 

Enjoy ruling the trade show floor with your well-thought out tote bag!


Meagan Shackelford, Customer Service

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