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About Bombas

Bombas is a comfort focused apparel brand with a mission to help those in need so for every item purchased, Bombas donates one to those in need. Over 40 Million items to date. One Purchased = One Donated, always and forever. 

Purpose of Purchase

Bombas purchased these tote bags as a gift for their employees.

Tote Bag Details

Everyday Tote in Recycled Cotton

What are the bags being used for?

Bombas gave the tote bags as part of their holiday gifts. Employees can proudly wear the company name and celebrate the community impact the organization has made.

Inspiration to show your appreciation!

You have an epic team of individuals that show up each day and give their all to represent your brand. It can be tough to find a way to truly express the level of appreciation you have for all that your employees do. Employee recognition and gift giving goes a long way in maintaining company morale. Whether it is their birthday, celebrating a promotion or work anniversary, a holiday gift, or just because. 

When it comes to the gifts that you give to your employees, it is important to think practical. Choose an item that the individual will want to use or wear over and over again. For this reason, tote bags are a popular employee gift item. Their functional design makes them an item that the recipient will want to use for years to come. On top of this being an excellent way to show your appreciation to that person, the tote bag is now providing additional promotion for your brand. Your employee will proudly wear and flaunt their tote bag while out and about.

Are you on the hunt for a great gift to show appreciation to your employees? Consider a custom promotional tote bag. Our Sales Team is available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in preparing your tote bag design for production!

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