Expand Your Marketing Efforts With Buddy Bags!


Canterbury Shaker Village


Canterbury, New Hampshire


Non-Profit Organization/Museum

Years in Business

52 Years

Company Website 


About Canterbury Shaker Village

Established  in 1969, Canterbury Shaker Village, Inc. is an internationally-known non-profit museum founded to preserve the 200-year legacy of the Canterbury Shakers. Designated as a National Historic Landmark for its architectural integrity and significance, the Village has 25 restored original Shaker buildings, 4 reconstructed Shaker buildings, and 694 acres of forests, fields, gardens, nature trails, and mill ponds under permanent conservation easement. Tours, programs, exhibits, and events help visitors chart their own journey of simplicity, caring, and community.

Purpose of Purchase

Canterbury Shaker Village purchased these tote bags to be sold in the museum store. They will soon also be available for sale in the online store! 

Tote Bag Details

Expand your marketing efforts with Buddy Bags!

You might be wondering, “what in the world are Buddy Bags?” Buddy Bags are just that. Buddies. Companions. Two bags working together to make your life easier. 

How does this work? Take your tote bag and place the zipper pouch inside of it. All of your larger items, such as a book, laptop, phone or water bottle could be found in the tote bag itself. The zipper pouch can also be found within the tote and is a great place to store items such as money, keys, and other small accessories. Really any smaller item that you do not want to have to dig around for at the bottom of your bag.

Why are buddy bags so popular? Almost all of us love when our accessories match! In your purse, your wallet is more than likely the same color or same brand as the purse itself. Why should how you accessorize your tote bag be any different? The zipper pouch doubles as a clutch, so you can simply pull it out if you are running an errand where you do not need a larger bag. Heading out for groceries? Tuck the zipper pouch and a few other reusable bags into your tote, and you are ready to go!

Is your business looking for additional ways to promote your brand beyond the traditional marketing? Talk to us about promotional buddy bags for your customers or clientele! Connect with our Sales Team to see which products or styles will best meet your needs. Our team can also  assist you in preparing your buddy bag design for production!

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