Creative Marketing Displays That Get Attention

Looking for an eye-catching way to feature promotional totes bags in your storefront? Creative marketing displays for your business are sure to get your customer’s attention. You can showcase the reusable tote bags you have available by using shelves, display stands, or hanging your totes decoratively on the walls of your store. 

A great example of a creative marketing display is at Ward’s Nursery. They have found the perfect way to showcase the reusable shopping totes they have available. Found right near the checkout counter, this impulse buying area is the perfect location for a product that is as beautiful and eye catching as these totes.  Not only do these bags offer customers a quality item, but they are also a walking billboard of marketing for your business!  And another kudos for Ward’s, about 53% of Americans have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product was made in the USA, says notes a 2019 Ad Impressions study by ASI Central.


Ward’s Nursery


Great Barrington, Massachusetts


Nursery and Garden Store

Years in Business

Since 1957

Company Website 

About Ward’s Nursery

For nearly 65 years Ward’s Nursery has been a staple within the Great Barrington community. Whether you garden in the Berkshires, Eastern New York, or Northwestern Connecticut, Ward’s is a complete lawn and garden resource. Not only can you find more than 1,400 perennial selections and 700 different plants. You can also find all of your gardening supplies and products, along with holiday decorations.

Tote Bag Details

Large Grocery Tote (18”W x 17.5”H x 7G) in 10oz. natural cotton canvas with 25” handles.

What are the bags being used for?

The Ward’s canvas tote bag is a perfect reusable grocery bag that can be utilized for years to come!

Creative Marketing Displays That Get Attention

Creative marketing displays are a great way to get the attention of your customers. Displaying bags in your storefront can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Use a tilt shelf display that allows you to put retail signs above the product for better visibility
  • Hanging grocery totes from a hanging display stand to display reusable canvas bags for purchase
  • Creatively and decoratively store the totes on the walls of your storefront by placing them on hooks or in hanging baskets.

However you decide to create your tote bag display, make it unique to your brand and these displays are sure to catch your customers’ attention!

Here are some of the creative ways Enviro-Tote customers have displayed their reusable tote bags over the years:

Not sure which promotional tote bags you need? Connect with our Sales Team. We are available to answer any questions you have and assist you in preparing your tote bag design for production!

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