#EnviroTotesWeLove – Blue Hill

About Blue Hill: Blue Hill is the name of two restaurants and the farm that gave them their inspiration. Their restaurants are located in and around New York City, which offer an exquisite tasting menu based off the freshest local ingredients! Learn more about Blue Hill and their locations here

The ToteShoulder Tote in 15oz Colored Cotton, with a 10oz Natural Cotton Liner, Optional Handsewn Handles, and 4 Sided Jumbo Print.

Why We Love It: “Know Thy Farmer”, and love thy Tote! We were wow’d by Blue Hill’s clever and thoughtful design of this tote bag that is printed from the inside out. The inside is printed on a canvas liner that gives the illusion of a wraparound print. The extra details, such as the printed liner and handsewn handles, just add to the bag’s elegance!


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Meagan Shackelford, Customer Service

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