3 Elements That Make Your Enviro-Tote Bag Unique

If you are new to our company, there is a very good chance that you reached out to us because you have seen some of our canvas tote bags. Enviro-Totes can be found at special events, in retail shops, in libraries, at farmers markets – everywhere and anywhere! There are a lot of tote bag companies out there, but here are three special differences about our tote bags that you won’t find anywhere else in America!

  1. Enviro-Tote bags are Made in the USA from start to finish – Our proudest and most distinguishing factor is that our tote bags are made in America from start to finish! We know the value of USA manufacturing and take pride in creating each tote knowing that we are helping to strengthen the American economy. Our commitment to USA manufacturing is so big, that a very large majority of the materials we use – like our natural cotton canvases, Bottle Bag™ material, recycled cotton material, and handles – are also made in America.
  2. Each tote bag is made with as little waste and impact as possible — Enviro-Tote has calculated precisely the amount of materials needed to generate our high-quality tote bags with as minimal waste as possible. This can mean anything from promoting sizes and styles that use the complete width of the material roll, reusing our leftover plastisol inks, and shipping any extra tote bags created in your orders
  3. Our bags are handmade to order, for every order! — To create your tote bag, each order is cut, printed, and stitched here in Londonderry, NH. Because of this important detail, we are able to print more intricate designs (all over prints and even into the seams), as well as custom-make bag styles that are not listed in our product catalogs – which means more ways for you to create your brand’s perfect tote!

We take great care and attention to detail in our products and are excited with each new partnership and project. Next time you’re out, check out a tote bag to see if you can find our label, or our special bartack on the handles!


Meagan Shackelford, Customer Service

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