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Seedlings Braille Books for Children


Livonia, Michigan


Braille Book Publishing

Years in Business

37 Years

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About Seedlings Braille Books for Children

Seedlings is a non-profit organization that produces and distributes free and low-cost braille books to children with vision loss all over the world. For every 100 books a sighted child has, a blind child may have just five. That is because braille books are rare and typically expensive. Often costing more than $100 for just one book! How can a child learn to read with so few books? Seedlings produces about 30,000 books a year, giving 60 percent away free and distributing the rest for an average of just $10 a book.

Purpose of Purchase

Seedlings uses the tote bags for its Hooray for Braille kits. These kits contain braille books and other learning aids for families with toddlers and preschoolers with vision loss to learn about braille together.

Tote Bag Details

Custom Size 12”W x 9”H x 4.5”G

What are the bags being used for?

The Hooray for Braille kits are available for sale on the Seedlings’ website. The bags themselves are also available for purchase. They provide a handy way for little ones to tote around their braille books!

Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from tote bags!

It is not just adults that can benefit from a tote bag. Kids love them, too! And the great thing about tote bags is that they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is great to find some smaller sized tote bags for kids. And great news – we have just the thing! Enviro-Tote offers a line of smaller sized tote bags for the tiny hands in your life! 

Because of their compact design, these tote bags can essentially replace a child’s backpack or lunch box.  Due to the size and durability of these bags, whether they are being used to carry items to school, on a trip out of town, or to the beach, these bags can be easily carried by a child. And since these totes can be easily flattened when not in use, they pretty much take up no space at all until you need it!

Some of our favorite children sized tote bags

  • Mini Tote Bag: Although the name says “mini”, do not let that fool you! Similar in style to our Medium Sized Tote and the Everyday Tote, this bag can hold a lot more than you would think. Its size makes it perfect for holding books or a small laptop (such as a ChromeBook), or as a lunch tote!
  • Mini Boat Bag: This bag features all the style and quality of the larger boat bags, but in a miniature frame! It can easily be customized to include closures and pockets. The Mini Boat Bag is excellent for little ones to carry around!
  • Tiny Tote Bag: The Tiny Tote is an excellent size for small children and makes a great gift tote! They can be given away at events or can be used in schools. These totes can also be customized with a zipper, making them great for on the go storage without having to worry about losing anything!

Are you looking to create customized tote bags for kids or for your business? Our Sales Team is available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in preparing your tote bag design for production!

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