The Mindful Manufacturing of Made in USA Products


Fireclay Tile


Aromas, California


Tile Manufacturer

Years in Business

34 Years

Company Website 

About Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile is a Made in America manufacturer using high-quality, domestically-sourced raw materials to create beautifully crafted tile products. Established in 1986, Fireclay Tile is the first tile company to be certified as a Benefit Corporation. They are committed to using sustainable manufacturing practices, using recycled materials, and taking care of their employees – all while putting the customer first. The California based Fireclay Tile factory uses 100% renewable energy and offsets all of its carbon emissions. 

Since Fireclay’s founding, they have been hard at work finding the most sustainable ways to manufacture their products and run their business, including:

  • Recapturing Water. All the water used in production is recaptured through drains and redistributed to the glaze line or extruders.
  • Recycling Granite Fines. They incorporate 36,000 lbs of recycled granite fines, waste from cutting granite rocks, into their Recycled Tile Body daily.
  • Reusing Glaze Sludge. Glaze waste is reincorporated into their clay, which offsets the disposal of 200,000 pounds of glaze waste in just a six month period.

This sustainable approach to business and manufacturing, coupled with their Made in USA products, makes Fireclay Tile a company after Enviro-Tote’s heart!

Purpose of Purchase

These tote bags are gifted to employees, clients, and used to create brand awareness.

Tote Bag Details

Same as their tiles, this bag was custom designed to fit their needs!

10oz. Cotton Canvas Tote Bag (15.5”W x 16”H x 5”G)

The Mindful Manufacturing of Made in USA Products

Made in the USA products are those items that are entirely or almost entirely made from materials in the United States. These products carry, what we consider to be, an unspoken promise of quality. There are also certain criteria outlined by the Federal Trade Commission that must be met in order for these products to have a Made in the USA label.

Now, let’s talk about mindful manufacturing, which has been a hot topic in the United States for many years. Taking a more sustainable approach to business means that the manufacturing of products will be done through economically-sound processes in order to minimize negative environmental impacts. This includes making positive efforts to reduce energy use, water use, waste generation, and emissions. 

In 2019, the National Association of Manufacturers released a report outlining the industry’s commitment to sustainability. A notable takeaway was the fact that manufacturers have contributed 19 percent more value to the American economy over the past decade while releasing 10 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, it is important to mention that across the board manufacturers are demonstrating sustainable approaches to their business throughout all industrial sectors.

What could feel better than knowing your business’s promotional tote bags are environmentally friendly AND Made in the USA? Talk to our Sales Team to learn more about our internal process of being a mindful manufacturer! We are happy to walk you through how we do this and how our tote bags can help you promote your business.

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