New Trends in Screen Printing for 2017

If you’ve been ordering a 1 color / 1 sided tote bag for a few years and would like to spice up your design, give these designs a try!

All-Over Screen Prints

Large prints that bleed into the seams or repeating patterns have been taking off! With most of our styles, you have the option to bleed the print over one edge of the tote or go seam-to-seam for full coverage!

Puff Printing

Puff Printing is a fun way of printing that uses modified plastisol inks that react to heat, causing the print to rise and create a “puffy” appearance! It adds great texture and an interesting look to a standard screen print. Get inspired: get the look of embroidery without the cost, or create a branded “patch” on the bag.


Glowing inks can take your design to the next level by adding an interesting flair to any print—and few others will have similar bags that can compare. You’ll be the talk of the town on any nighttime shuttle from a trade show event, as your bags will truly be “glowing”!

Neon Inks

We’ve been seeing a lot of gray material and neon yellow or green combinations, or black material and hot pink ink combinations! A bright pop of color can add a certain something to any tote bag.


Send us your design to get started on your fresh new look for summer! Want more custom options? Check out our You CAN Have the Tote of Your Dreams post, too!

Meagan Shackelford, Customer Service

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