Behind the Scenes at Enviro-Tote | Pt. 2

Over the past 30 years in business, the Enviro-Tote team has worked hard to perfect our craft. Whether we are producing our signature reusable tote bag, or are working on a new product prototype, we know that creating a quality product is what you expect from us.

From the outside, you may not realize just how much detail and care goes into creating one of our Enviro-Tote products. Our goal through this Behind the Scenes Series is to give you a peek behind the proverbial curtain.

Once a customer places an order, our team immediately begins the process of creating your custom product. Here is a glimpse into how that happens:

The Production Process

  1. Artwork is received and prepared for printing.  Art department designs layout for screen burning or heat transfer printing.
  2. Screens are burned, or heat transfer images are printed individually.
  3. Material is rolled out, measured, and cut to every order on our cutting tables.
  4. Cut panels are sent to the printing department to be printed heat transferred.
  5. Once prints are carefully dried, the panels make their way over to the stitching department.
  6. Each tote gets stitched one by one until the order makes it to Quality Control.
  7. Totes are inspected against our rigorous QC standards and all that pass get boxed up to ship!

Our Products

At any given time throughout the week, our team is hard at work simultaneously creating one or more of the following products:

  • Face Masks
  • Aprons
  • Boat Bags
  • Messenger Bags
  • Drawtop Backpacks
  • Zipper Pouches
  • Enviro-Tees™
  • and more!


Our greatest joy upon making these products is seeing how you are using them. Please do not forget to tag Enviro-Tote in the photos of your tote bag in action! Be sure to use #EnviroTotesWeLove on social media to be included in our upcoming Feature Friday series.

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into what goes into making those Enviro-Tote products that you know and love! Each month we will plan to take you behind the scenes within a different department to show you just how much care goes into each item. Stay tuned for more next month!

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